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ICO Registered. Insured. Member of Society of Virtual Assistants.

Do you or your company need a little admin support help but don't need to hire someone full time in the role? I'm here to be an extra pair of hands for you, to support you with those little niggling tasks no one really has time for, but which need to get done.

Throughout the first twenty (really!) years of my career, I've worked in various administration positions, gaining my Level 3 in Business Administration, and qualified as an HR professional in 2019 with a CIPD Level 5 in Human Resources Management. This means I understand the importance of accuracy, timeliness, and confidentiality.

What else can I offer?

Cost effectiveness. It's much cheaper to hire a freelancer than it is to employ a permanent full or part-time member of staff. You save on the employers tax, NI and pension contributions for a start!

Deadline management. You tell me when you need something by and I'll do my best to get it to you before then – within reason, of course. If you contact me and ask for a three-hour recording to be transcribed within two hours, it's obviously not going to happen! My average typing speed is 76 words per minute with a 98.8% accuracy rate – which is good, but not good enough to slow time! I know from personal experience that I can type up a five-hour meeting in around 8 hours, allowing time for a break and correcting the formatting/spelling. That said, I'd always suggest clients anticipate a 24-to-48 hour turnaround time – just to be on the safe side!

Accuracy. As mentioned above, my accuracy rate when typing is 98.8%. It's not perfect, but it's pretty impressive if I do say so myself! Plus, I'll always go back and review my work to make sure it's 100% correct before it gets to you. That's the benefit you get from hiring a self-confessed perfectionist!

Confidentiality. I've worked in HR (Human Resources/People Management) for over six years. I've led complex investigations and provided administrative support for classified meetings involving Board members and senior management. I know what it is to need absolutely confidentiality - to be able to trust the impartial note-taker who hears all but speaks of none of it. If that's a need you have, please rest assured that my years of experience and personal moral conscience won't let me betray the trust you, my client, put in me to deliver the services you need. 

What next?

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Admin Assist Services

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Sometimes, you don't have time for those jobs that need doing but who by? Typing up recorded meetings into transcripts or minute meetings can be one of those things.

I'm more than happy to help by working from recordings or attending meetings (virtually, of course!) and typing as they happen. 

Confidentiality is of the utmost of importance, something I absolutely understand as I'm qualified in Human Resources Management (CIPD Level 5)

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Do you have a lot of data inputting and no one to do it? Are you transferring your information from one database to another? Looking to input a lot of raw data into a new system? I'm your girl! I'm one of those strange people who likes the almost mindless (while still taking time to be accurate!) task of data entry. In fact, one of my favourite jobs was data entry for the UK Department of Work & Pensions.

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Do you have a generic email address for your customers to contact you with general queries? Usually info or admin @ your company name, these inboxes are the first line of contact for your potential clients. It can be difficult, sometimes, to manage these and find time to direct them to the right person. Wouldn't it be so much easier if you had someone who could access them, filter out the spam, and send them on the right person within your organisation?



Are you one of those companies or small businesses that has a social media account - or several - but isn't really sure what to do with them? It can be difficult, especially when you offer a service and not a product. If you need someone to design a couple of posts or take over the management of your account, get in touch so we can discuss your needs and come up with an arrangement that's mutually beneficial for us both.



Working in HR has given me a wide understanding of human resources/personal management issues, which makes me the ideal person to review your policies and procedures and make sure they're in line with current CIPD recommendations and employment law. I also have over ten years of experience working in the health & social care sector, so if you want a policy and procedure review before CQC or the local commissioners come calling, why not get in touch?

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If you're an author, aspiring or published, it can help to have a fresh pair of eyes oversee your work before you send it on to prospective publishers and agents. 

Services I offer that can help you include proofreading, or a reader review - giving you the chance to make any changes necessary to your manuscript before you move to the next stage in your publishing journey.



Is there something you need support with that you don't see listed here? Get in touch with me using the details below and I'd be happy to help if I can!



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